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Slop City

May 27, 2020

WE BACK, BABY! Recording live from the comfort of Randall R. Cash's DINING ROOM! No more Zoom bullshit. 

First time we've all seen in each other in 2.5 months & it shows. 

If you went to Lake of the Ozarks or any local lake over the weekend, we're sorry for what you're going to endure- but we still love you.


May 21, 2020


We'll be back in action next week. 

You all are the best, thanks for the love and support.

Again: If you want to support us and be part of this UNPRECEDENTED grassroots movement, check out our Patreon for extra perks and content.


May 14, 2020

The last few episodes have been recorded via Zoom. We *suggest* watching these pandemic episodes on YouTube- might feel a bit more normal to see us on there. 

Also, if you're looking for extra content and a way to support your gals- join our multigenerational, multiracial and UNPRECEDENTED grassroots Patreon...

May 7, 2020

It's week 7 or 8 or quarantine, who knows. 

This week we decide who lives or dies on a plane. Talk pornography, Cinco De Mayo- the important stuff.

The last few episodes since the COVID-19 pandemic have all been recorded via Zoom. We suggest watching the episodes on YouTube, might feel a little more normal to see us on...

Apr 30, 2020

This week's episode- SOMEONE GETS PANTS'D! Buncha regular ass bullsh*t this week.

Just a hot tip- this episode and the last 4 have been recorded over Zoom. You can see the video on the Slop City Podcast You Tube page! Might feel a little more like home to watch it that way.

We love you! Also, if you're looking for some...