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Slop City

Feb 22, 2022

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This week's episode we have our first sponsor ever, Manscaped!

Also- we talk the SIMS, Pentecostal hair dooos & the Golden Rule.

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Feb 15, 2022

Comedian Shaun Murphy from NYC joins the podcast! It's the second time ever we've had a guest on the podcast.
He is absolutely hilarious, has slept on Tina & Rafe's couch multiple times and we love him so much.

His new comedy special, "NEAL" is available for free on YouTube! Watch it, share it, follow him on instagram!...

Feb 8, 2022

Ayyyyyy! We're back, baby.

Sound off in the comments if you ever had a low white blood cell count due to a quote on quote intimate encounter

Watch this week's episode on YouTube:

Fun news coming for y'all in the next couple weeks, can't spoil it yet though! Be on the lookout on our...

Feb 1, 2022

Comedian Rafe Williams joins Tina Dybal on the podcast this week while our gal Libbie was in Joshua Tree taking hot sexy pics.

Rafe Williams is Tina's partner as y'all know- they talk sports, football and Tina wanting to get into wrestling. 

Oddly enough that night, they got invited to the WWE Royal Rumble THAT NIGHT....