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Slop City

Dec 21, 2021

On this week's episode of Slop City, dear friend of the podecast- Bobby Jaycox fills in for Libbie and joins Tina/Tuna Dybal!
Libbie will be back next week, but as always - Bobby Jaycox & Rafe Williams fill in for the queens when they are gone.

This week's episode, Tina & Bobby cover a multitude of topics- acceptable things to do at the dinner table, putting keys in your ears- ya know, the normal stuff.
Make sure to follow Bobby Jaycox on social media. He also hosts a podcast almost every morning on his instagram stories called, "I Just Woke Up Podcast".
His instagram is: @bobbyjaycox
Merry Christmas or whatever you do! We love all y'all!

XO ALL HAIL PUCINAAAA RAAANCH! Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room